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Hand clicking on Facebook LikesClient: “Hello, please would you help us with our Facebook campaign?”

Me: “Yes, of course. What are you trying to do?”
Client: “We want to launch our product in Australia and grow our page ‘likes’.”
Me: “OK, then we’ll do a targeted ad that appears only on the profiles of people interested in your product and based in Australia, that drives them to your page, with an app that takes them to a special landing page.”
Client: “Wow, is that really possible?”
Me: “Yes.”
That really happened, and my client’s page ‘likes’ doubled as a result of the campaign.
You can work through the Facebook advertising wizard yourself and play with the demographics to see how many Facebook users are a good fit with your brand. You can choose whether your ad links to a page on your website or to your Facebook page. Facebook will suggest an ad, but you can edit the headline, copy and image as you please. Note that the headline Must Start With initial Capitals or Facebook will reject it (and might not tell you why). As with any ad, it’s wise to include a call to action in your Facebook ad copy. That is, you should state clearly what you want people to do. Oddly, they are then more likely to do it.
You can choose whether to pay for impressions (that is, whenever Facebook shows the ad to anyone – I don’t recommend this option) or pay for clicks (that is, whenever someone clicks your ad – I do recommend this). Note that you can set the budget per day or ‘lifetime’. Here’s a thought: If no-one clicks it costs you nothing, yet your ad may have been seen by a number of your target market anyway (good for a brand awareness campaign, maybe?). With the Facebook ‘ad manager’, you get access to stats about how many times your ad is viewed and how many clicks it got, and you can pause your ad at any time.
Whether or not you do this, you might see an ad in the right hand margin that says ‘YourName likes this page’ even if you haven’t clicked ‘like’. Do not be perturbed. Facebook does this as a preview to encourage you to take an ad.
My client added an ‘app’ to make a special landing page for the Australians. That way, when they clicked through to his page from the ad they could see there was something there for them.
You too can customise the apps that appear at the top of your page. Facebook has announced a redesign, coming soon, but you can currently have up to 12 apps. Note that the first will always be photos whether you like it or not - because Facebook has decreed it to be so (you may have noticed how timeline prioritises images and video, as does the Internet generally these days). The next three apps are the most important, because all the others are ‘hidden’ and can only be accessed when someone clicks the down-pointing arrow. Let’s face it, few people are going to do that. 
If you’re a page admin, you can click the down arrow and then the edit pencil on any app to change the graphic and the text. I recommend you include a call to action in one or the other, for example, Click to enter, View our tweets, Join our mailing list (or whatever).
Like any marketing, Facebook marketing comes down to having clear objectives, and then working out the best way to achieve them. And, if you do it right, your Facebook marketing will surely work.
This week's guest blogger Jackie Barrie writes without waffle for websites, blogs, newsletters, brochures, leaflets and speeches, in fact, anything to help your company make more money. She is the author of ‘The Little Fish Guide to DIY Marketing’, and ‘The Little Fish Guide to Networking’ and ‘The Little Fish Guide to Writing Your own Website’.


2 responses to this post:

  • I've been experimenting with Facebook promotions and initially I was very pleased with the results.

    I had plenty of views and one enquiry, which really made me hopeful. I've not had any further enquiries and visitors can't see the number of views; only likes and shares.

    The experiment continues...

    James Coakes on 05 Apr 2013

  • Another client has found massively extended reach with FB ads, and about 1 in 10 clickthroughs converting to 'likes'. As with all marketing, I think results depend on what you offer and how well you target your audience.

    Jackie on 06 Apr 2013

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